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Dunkirk, NY Industrial Spur Line

In this article I will look at an interesting industrial spur line, located in Dunkirk, NY. I say interesting because I was surprised at first by how many active industrial users were on this spur line in such a small town. Secondly because of how the line hooks up to the main line. There is a three track mainline along this section of the CSX main line through Dunkirk, NY. Near Middle Road, there is a 6 track yard on the South side of the main line. I imagine this would be an interesting spot for some railfanning.

Rail Yards

Rail yards are often the hubs of rail activity. But what is their function? This article will explore the various types of yards, and their functions.

$50 Billion to Transportation

While it is promising to hear that money is being allocated for infrastructure upgrades, I am very skeptical that that money will be used wisely. For one, I highly doubt that $50 Billion will be enough to upgrade 150,000 Miles of Road, 4000 Miles of Rail, and 150 Miles of Airport Runways PLUS Air traffic control systems. As per this news article for example, which states that (an unrelated highway project) is going to take $191 Million and will only end up improving a single highway interchange.

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